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Attorney For DefenseA criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who masters in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activity. Lawyers who represents people facing criminal charges. Lawyers who represent persons facing criminal cases is also called Attorney Defense. A Defense lawyer helps in deceasing the charges on the defendant. Defense attorneys have a job to investigate their clients’ cases. Best lawyers will gather evidence of their own in preparation for trial.

Attorney For Defense
Attorney For Defense

Qualities Of An Attorney Defense

The work of an attorney Defense is very critical and complex. people often won’t choose this stream of lawyers. The clients life is in the hand of the attorney while in most of the cases. A Defense lawyer can do anything with the case as per their own will. Here are some of the qualities of a Defense lawyer which every attorney should have namely: –

  1. Communication skills: – The lawyer should be a good listener and a good speaker. He should be able to listen to the client and decide exactly what way to deal with the case.
  2. Knowledge: – All lawyers are expected to have complete knowledge about their field. In short, criminal lawyers need to be sharper and stay on top. Things changes very quickly in the world of law.
  3. Aggressiveness: – The criminal lawyer should enact aggressively with any case. As it is important for him to stay patient, staying aggressively also helps the lawyer a lot.
  4. Confidentiality: – The criminal lawyer must keep personal information about the client to himself. He should not share any kind of details with any one not even his family.
  5. Personal involvement: – If the lawyer does not involve himself personally for resolving the cas e he is working on. Then he is not putting in his best efforts to get the client out.

Best Attorney For Defense

  1. Phil Beck: – He is the reason for the victory that won the presidency for George W. Bush. In 2003, he defended Bayer in a cause over the drug Baycol. Especially recognized by The National Law Journal as Lawyer of the Year Runner-Up in 2001, for Top Defense Verdicts in 1994 and 1997, and as a “Winning Lawyer” in 1997 and 2003.
  2. David Bernick: – In 2009, he won a case for W.R. Grace and shut down thousands of asbestos injury claims . He also represented Apple in hearing loss case related to the iPod. Also recognized as a Leading Individual Trial Lawyer in Chambers Global, 2007.
  3. David Boies: – He represented Al Gore in the case of 2000 election. As a result won $4 billion for American Express. Boies is currently in trial in San Francisco, representing the plaintiffs in the Prop 8 trial. Also named the Lawyer of the Year by the National Law Journal.
  4. Evan Chesler: He won a case for Time Warner, Novartis, Alcoa, Xerox, and American Express. In the meantime he belongs to of one of the most successful law firms in the country. Recognized in Chambers USA 2009: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business.
  5. John Keker: – Keker defended Google against Microsoft. Also recognized as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the United States by the National Law Journal in 2006.

Types Of Attorney Defense

Particularly there are two types of Defense attorneys namely: –

  1. criminal attorney: – A criminal Defense attorney‘s role is to defend the criminal in courtroom. A criminal attorney saves the criminal from extended punishments. The attorney can even save the person from going to jail. they have a very tough job. some time even after knowing the truth the lawyer has to say lie.
  2. civil defense attorney: – The difference between a criminal and civil defense attorney is very simple. civil Defense attorney defends his client against charges someone other than the government.


The role of a defense attorney is not much different from what you see on television. Either with criminal or civil cases, adefense attorney is an advocate for the accused, charged with protecting his client’s interests and making sure the law works as it should. An attorney for defense in particular is a person who helps the people get out of their criminal cases. In short the person who can take you out of all your criminal charges is a attorney of defense.

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