Attorney general Xavier Becerra the legend of america

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Who Is Attorney Genera Xavier Becerra

Attorney general Xavier Becerra is the 33rd and the current attorney general of California since 2017. Firstly, Becerra was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1992. He was born on 26 January 1958 in Sacramento, California. He is the son of working-class immigrants from Mexico. Furthermore Becerra grew up in a one-room apartment with his three sisters.

Attorney general Xavier Becerra – Past Experiences

Starting as an average person, he collected a lot of fame in his lifetime. In addition to that Attorney general Xavier Becerra was the first person in his family to graduate. He graduated from C .K .McClatchy high school. Becerra went abroad for his higher studies to Salamanca, Spain. He did his BA from 1978-79 and got his economics degree. He received his final degree from Stanford law school in 1984 and was chosen in the state Bar of California in 1985. firstly, he was a lawyer for mentally disordered people working for Legal Assistance Corporation.

Attorney general Xavier Becerra
Attorney general Xavier Becerra

Attorney general Xavier Becerra – The Poltical Career

Initially Attorney general Xavier Becerra worked as an Administrative Assistant in the year 1986. Afterwards he worked as a Deputy Attorney General in the California department of justice in the year 1987-90. Becerra also served one term in the State Assembly, representing California’s 59th district, in 1990-92. He stood against the Job Protection Act and Recession Prevention Act of 2012. These acts would increase the taxes in 2001 and 2003. furthermore, Xavier constantly voted against budget plans as that would protect tax cuts for higher income brackets. This was achieved by cutting Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, and certain federal services. He always works in favor of the common people. He supported acts like the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012.

Xavier’s Work For The Society

Above all Attorney general Xavier Becerra is a real person of wisdom. He always help the lower and poorer part of the society. He subsequently helped the immigrants to stay in the country and supported DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform. Xavier worked for the women as well. Becerra strongly favors legal abortion up to the third trimester. Also he imposed civil and criminal penalties on anyone knowingly attempting to perform a sex-selective abortion.

Attorney general Xavier Becerra – As a Person

Attorney general Xavier Becerra is one of the legends in the american history. He has always helped the poor. Although working in shadows he has always helped the BPL people and he never quits. In short, this person has a potential like a mountain. doesn’t matter how big the problem is, he is there for you. As he belong from the poorer part of the society coupled with being an immigrant he knows the value for money. In his career he has helped a lot of immigrants by passing laws. He helped the poorer part of the society by enacting certain other acts. This type of person should be there for every country for proper development.



Charity Work

general Xavier Becerra is man of good will. He is one of the leading parts of charitable fund collected every year by the attorney general’s direction. A small part of money is deducted from the salary of every officer in white house once in a year. This money is used as an support for the poor part and the orphanages of the country. anyone can donate in that fund from all over the world. There cannot be any kind of fraud or miss-connection as all the money goes directly to a specific fund place. There is an online page as well which support the public if they felt like fraud.


Firstly, the person Attorney general Xavier Becerra is a real man of wisdom and work for the people. He always supported the poorer side of the society. Secondly, he has always supported the immigrants as well as women empowerment. Becerra is one of the reasons why American male: female sex ratio is almost maintained. Becerra stopped sex determination for women. Coupled with that, he also supported the immigrants in the country. Together with that Xavier passed certain laws and regulations which support the poorer part of the country.

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