Attorney Kathleen Zellner

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Who os Kathleen Zellner?

Attorney Kathleen Zellner is an American attorney who has worked very hard in wrongful conviction advocacy. famous clients Zellner has represented include Steven Avery and the serial killer Larry Eyler. Soon she was an attorney who has an career of taking wrong decisions. Attorney Kathleen Zellner has wrongful conviction advocacy as her worst past. Although Kathleen lost so many cases , she got some eye catching awards as well.

Attorney Kathleen Zellner – Past Experience

Attorney Kathleen Zellner was born in Texas and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. She had Marquette University before transferring to Concordia University in Montreal. Kathleen began working on personal injury cases, before moving to defending hospitals and insurance companies. Kathleen began her law firm in January 1991, and has since obtained the exoneration of many wrongfully convicted men.

Attorney Kathleen Zellner
Attorney Kathleen Zellner

Wrongful Convictions

There are many types of people in this world but it’s up to you whom to chose. As for Kathleen it was worst of her decisions to close the guilty culprits. All her career she chose almost all the culprits wrong only. Some of hem are namely: –

Larry eyler: – He is one of the biggest serial killer of America. firstly, he was found guilty of killing several people including one of his relative Daniel Bridges. He later came to Kathleen for his case and she accepted his request. Lastly Larry Eyler was sentenced death in 1984 after decision was taken.

John Burrow: – She was hesitant to take another wrongful conviction case, but the anti-death-penalty group requested her again with the case of John Burrow. John burrow was accused of murdering a 88 year old man in a farm house which he didn’t do. 5 year sentence decreased from a death penalty.

Billy Wardell and Donald Reynolds: – Firstly, Billy Wardell and Donald Reynolds served 11 years jail out of 55 years. They were accused of rape which they didn’t do. They requested Attorney Kathleen Zellner to help especially and she did. after a year they were freed from the jail as per the sperm test.

Calvin Ollins: – Calvin along with other two Larry and Omar were convicted for rape and murder of a medical student. For these three people who were in jail for 14 years DNA test was a big thing. Kathleen gave the 50% and the test cleared them out.

Ryan Ferguson: – Ryan was accused for murder and robbing at the age of 18. He was serving 40 years sentence from the court while one of his partner charles confessed that he lied about Ryan. This made Ryan free and Kathleen won the case.


Attorney Kathleen Zellner won several awards even after having such a bad start. She won some awards which have a really high value in today’s time. Some of the awards are namely: –

  • America’s Greatest Attorneys (2017)
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates (1999-2017)
  • Leading Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Super Lawyer- Medical Malpractice (2004-2017)
  • American Bar Association Pursuit of Justice Award (2012)
  • Chicago Tribue Most Influential Women in the United States (2003)
  • Super Lawyer (2004-2017)
  • Named among “The 100 Most Powerful Chicagoans 2015”
  • Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Illinois Trial Excellence Award (2011)
  • THE National Law Journal Top 50 Women Litigators in the United States (2001) National Law Journal Top 50 Women Litigators in the United States (2001)
  • National Law Journal Top 50 Women Litigators in the United States (2001)

The Dream Team

Attorney Kathleen Zellner is the Founding partner of her firm. She has 2 more associates with her. These 3 people run the total firm and manages everything being superiors. The other two associates are namely: –

Attorney Douglas H. Johnson: – He is the partner of Ms zellner. He helps Zellner in selecting civil cases further concentrating in the area of criminal law. Other cases which he handles are defending individuals accused of First Degree Murder and other major felonies. Douglas graduated from the University of Michigan and received his J.D. from Loyola University of Chicago. Finally he is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association.

Nicholas M. Curran: – He is the associate attorney the Kathleen. Mr. Curran has extensive experience in representing clients in criminal appeals and petitions for post-conviction relief.  He also assists Ms. Zellner and Mr. Johnson in a wide range of both criminal and civil matters. Other things under him are civil rights, medical malpractice and general personal injury. finally Mr Curran graduated from Baylor Law School in Waco, Texas.

Attorney Kathleen Zellner – As A Person

In brief Kathleen Zellner has the rare quality of winning major verdicts in civil and criminal cases. However she gained a lot of experience and honor even after having a bad starting. She is the only trial attorney in the United States who has won 5 multi-million dollar record verdicts in the span of 11 months. The underlying premise of Zellner’s remarkable success is that she is not just “practicing” law, she is getting unparalleled results.


It is true that even after having the worst starting for a career you can still succeed with effort and hard work. Attorney Kathleen Zellner is an example of how a “nothing” can turn into “everything.” In short, she gave away all her pain from past and did hard work. Besides she is a living example that anything is possible. Currently she is one of the best lawyer in whole America. She won several awards including once in a life time awards. The areas of practice are also very uncommon. the areas of practice are: –

  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Prisoner Abuse
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Post-conviction and Habeas Actions

All these cases she and her two associates handle together. In short i would like to say that yes, she is a living example of a legend.

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