Attorney Michael Avenatti

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Who Is Attorney Michael Avenatti?

Attorney Michael Avenatti : Past

Michael John Avenatti is an American attorney. His firm has represented various celebrity defendants. He has appeared on broadcast television as well as in print as a legal commentator and as a representative for prominent clients. He was once a professional car racer as well. Avenatti married Christine Avenatti Carlin for 13 years. With Carlin he has two teenage daughters. He married Lisa Storie in 2011. They have one son.

Attorney Michael Avenatti
Attorney Michael Avenatti

Attorney Michael Avenatti was born in Sacramento, California on February 16, 1971. He attended Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield, Missouri. He gained his degree in political science from the University of Pennsylvania after which he went to George Washington University Law School. In 2000, he graduated top of his class with a Juris Doctor. Ten years on from graduation, the attorney would receive an Alumni Recognition Award from the school. Michael worked on over 150 campaigns in 42 states in his initial political career. Michael Avenatti has had a long career as both an attorney and a businessman.

Famous Cases

  1. Stormy Daniels lawsuits: – Avenatti’s best know case is about representing adult film actress Stormy Daniels in her case against President Donald trump. Avenatti was a frequent guest on talk shows. He also came on cable news programs to discuss the cases. In march 2019 Daniels terminated her agreement with Avenatti, replacing him with attorney Clark Brewster.
  2. Domestic violence complaint: –Avenatti was first arrested in the year 2018 due to domestic violence. The LAPD later confirmed that Avenatti was arrested for domestic violence and his bail was set at $50,000.
  3. Extortion charge: – Avenatti was arrested in New York City in case of Nike scandal. He told that he will conduct a press conference next morning but he was arrested before that only. He was himself associated with the extortion charged people.

Attorney Michael Avenatti – The Peak Career Points

Since establishing his own law firm in 2007, Michael Avenatti worked as lead counsel on a series of high profile cases. These included humongous $454 million verdicts against Kimberly-Clark and Hayward Health in early 2017.

Michael Avenattistarted his racing career in the year 2010. He raced around 33 professional sports-car races. Avenatti got 7th position in the race with Saudi prince Abdulaziz bin turki and polish driver Jakub kuda. The American Le Mans Series, Unites Sports-Car Championship, on some of the greatest race tracks across America and Europe where he raced.

Five years after founding his law firm, Avenatti stepped into entrepreneurship with the establishment of Global Baristas. His first order of business was to buy Tully’s Coffee,a small chain of coffee shops spread across Seattle.

In his legal career, the attorney has won over $1 billion for his clients. Many records put his net worth at $20 million. He usually used to collect fees about one-third of the settlement fee, no wonder that others think the lawyer is worth more.


Attorney Michael Avenatti was once one of the highest paid attorney. He solved a lot of cases as well. But his greed and urge for money destroyed him. Avenatti’s customers were the most popular people in the world. He even stood against current president of America Donald Trump. Avenatti was one of the prestigious student of his school. Similarly in college also he was one of the best. His down fall started when he started proposing higher demand. In addition to that he started to live a lavish lifestyle. In comparison to others he started earning more money. He started to invest money in different places like sports car race. Then He invested in shops, business and restaurants.

He was first arrested in the year 2018. It was domestic violence as well as other cases like fraud and faulty claims. Above all, there are more cases going on him right now. In summary, Attorney Michael Avenatti got consumed and destroyed by greed. It is the greed what turned his life upside down.

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