Attorney William Green: lawyer of the future for personal and worker injury


WHO IS William Green?

Attorney William Green is a personal injury lawyer as well as workers compensation lawyer. His headquarters are in California USA. After being seriously injured in an accident or at work, it is essential that you choose the right attorney to help you secure the compensation and benefits you deserve. These are the people who will help you to get your money back. They don’t even take the fees unless they win the case.

Attorney William Green – Past Experiences

Attorney William Green graduated from the La Verne College of Law before beginning his four decades of service providing the legal representation for his clients if they need to find their workers’ compensation successes safely and effectively. For more than 42 years, Mr. Green has developed his legal place including fighting for worker’s rights from his Newport Beach, California office.

Attorney William Green
Attorney William Green

William Green – As A Person

Attorney William Green grew up in southern California, where he started from very modest beginnings. Through hard work and by earning scholarships, he was able to graduate with honors from College and Law School. In College, Mr. Green earned a double major in Legal Studies and Philosophy. In Law School at the prestigious University of California, Hastings College of the Law, Mr. Green, earned writing awards such as “Best Brief” in a class of over 500 law students, and was selected to represent the entire Law School in the “National Moot Court Competition.”

Attorney William Green – The Work Fields

Attorney William Green has been working in this field for around 40+ years now and In short he is one of the big shots of all times. Mr. Green has made a career of championing the rights of the most vulnerable members of society – injury victims and disabled people. He has compensated over $839,000 which is a lot of money, no doubt they are famous in their field. He has been working with a lot of people but very few people stay because everyone can’t afford the best quality. There are other work fields as well in which he’s a champion namely: –

Other Fields

  • Insurance Coverage : – Insurance coverage is the amount of liability that is covered for an individual by way of insurance services. It is money people pay so that their insurance don’t get expired.
  • Bad Faith : – Bad faith is double mindedness or double heartedness in fraud, or deception. It may involve intentional action of others, or self-deception.
  • Catastrophic Injury : – Catastrophic injury means an illness or injury which results in the person requiring an extreme level of care and treatment. Injury like spinal injury and head injury are some of them.
  • ERISA : – The Employee Retirement Income Security Act. this act states that there should be a minimum pension for every union labor or worker.

Associates Of MR William Green

Attorney William Green has been in contact with a lot of people in his past. His current associates are very few but he work very efficiently with them. his associates are namely

  1. peters and peters : – William joined Peters & Peters as an associate in September 2015, having completed his training at Clifford Chance.
  2. hoping green and Sam : – They emphasizes the fact that Hopping Green & Sams evolved together with the branches of government. Along which it deals in Florida and the nation in the Environmental and Land Use practice areas.


Especially we find people who are the best at their work. Attorney William Green is one of them. People like him, with so much talent, only become the inspiration for future generation. He works for the people who almost lost their fight from their own lives. Handicapped people as well as poor workers are his main aim to help. Attorney William Green has been in the business for around 42 years and till date he won around 97% of the cases. He works with other associations as well who also help the poor people. His some associates are the people who work to conserve the nature as well. He is a true legend in all forms. He is a true professional lawyer you will ever find. we thank people like him to serve our society.

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