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The journey of attorney Daniel Kim to become the first attorney in Orange County started as a child. Daniel’s family grew with a passion to help others. This passion has led Daniel Kim to become a lawyer and has never faded. Then you are right for it. Daniel’s law career led him all over the world and back.

Story of attorney Daniel Kim

As an aide to the U.S. Army of JAG, Daniel served in Seoul. South Korea, and Baghdad, Iraq. But as the first member of JAG in Asia and the Pacific region. In Orange County, Daniel got his licensing in law. Then you are right for it. So he went to work serving in his local community. Finally, his love of law brought him back to South Korea. So that where he served as a collaborator.


But in one of the largest international companies in the world. Daniel founded the office of Daniel Kim’s law. But to give the victims of motor vehicles a better chance. Then defending their rights. Since the firm started. So it is good to choose him. Daniel has won hundreds of millions for his customers. Then you are right for it. So continues to play a hand in all cases where the company gets.


  • Jd, Chapman University Dale E. Fowler Law School
  • B.S. Business Management, University of Maryland

Bar Admissions

  • California State
  • United State District Court, California Central District

Professional Colleges

  • La Association of consumers of Lawyers of Los Angeles
  • Orange County Lawyers Trial Association
  • The Orange County Bar Association
  • Orange County Korean American Bar Association – former Board of Directors

Training Area

Attorneys at the offices of attorney Daniel Kim. So he has expertise in the Law on motor vehicle accidents. But to have repeatedly used their expertise. Then to acquire glargine and favorable settlements. If you have been injured in driving. So it is good to choose him. But driving in a motor vehicle. Then you are right for it. So if you have been hit by a motor vehicle. While you have been walking or riding a bike. Then he wants to hear from you.

If you are seriously injured in a car accident

So you’re about to enter an intricate police report. But also insurance claims medical appointments. But with medical bills. Then you are right for it. Well, pick the wrong lawyer for personal injury. So to add to the confusion.

Pick Daniel King’s office. But you can wait for me to untie him. If you were inadvertently killed. So you should be treated fairly. As a customer. Then you are right for it. Daniel Kim works with you one-on-one to learn. So it is good to choose him. Then the details of your situation and find every possible way. But to provide you with what you’re doing. Focus on the therapy.

An attorney closer to justice

Attorney Daniel Kim will take care of the rest. If you’re looking for a lawyer from Orange County. But he is a lawyer who’s closer to justice. His attorney for personal injury to Orange County. Then it will be the process of keeping. Then you are right for it. But also supporting every step of the way. So it is good to choose him. For more information. But about his California attorney for Personal injury.

Reason for hiring Daniel Kim

Don’t give up before he wins. He is working on an emergency basis. You got nothing but him to win the case. So he is trying to understand your unique needs. Then you are right for it. But he provides you with personalized and attentive service. So it is good to choose him. The extensive network takes advantage of Daniel’s extensive professional network. Then feels good about being in good hands.

Types of accidents for which he works

Car accidents

More than 200,000 people are injured. But killed on the roads of California every year. Then the vast majority of these people drive or ride in passenger cars. Then you are right for it. So it is good to choose him. Many of these individuals do not realize. So they have the right to fair compensation for their injuries.

Motorbike accidents

We were told the engines are dangerous. But the truth is the vast majority. But motorcycle accidents are not to blame.  So it is good to choose him. Then you are right for it. Injuries sustained by motorcyclists can be very serious. Then brokers often qualify for compensation.

Truck accidents

Accidents related to Semis and other large trucks are particularly dangerous. Because of the size and weight of these vehicles. So accidents often affect many parts and cause many serious injuries. So it is good to choose him. Then you are right for it. Getting compensation for injuries sustained in a collision truck is a challenge. But a real lawyer can make it simple.

Uber/Lyft accidents

People hurt in accidents involving Uber. Lyfts or other vehicles of people who are in confusing situations. Between driving insurance. But economic travel insurance and the economic travel companies themselves. So it is good to choose him. Then you are right for it. So it is difficult to know who has to pay the damages bills. Fortunately, experienced lawyers have determined. But the best strategy to help these individuals.

Bicycle accidents

According to the CDC,  “Bicycle tours account. But for only 1% of all trips to the United States. However, cyclists are confronted with a higher risk. But for injuries related to the accident and death of occupants in motor vehicles. Then you are right for it. So it is good to choose him. ” Cyclists have little or no protection when they are hit by a car or a truck. Fortunately, a good lawyer can protect his own interests. When it comes to receiving fair and good compensation for his injuries.

Pedestrian accidents

In the United States, a pedestrian was killed. By a motor vehicle every 96 minutes. Many pedestrians are injured in crashes with cars. But trucks, motorcycles and even bicycles. Then you are right for it. Pedestrian accidents are rare. Because of pedestrians. So it is good to choose him. If the driver was negligent. Then the lawyer can help injured pedestrians. So their loved ones to follow justice.

Why choose attorney Daniel Kim?

Unlike the average law firm. So attorney Daniel Kim deals only with all car accidents. As a result of this approach. But they have achieved a very good setup. So it is very good to get maximum compensation for their customers. Then you are right for it. Because car accidents are everything they do. But they’ve made a strong impression on the insurance companies. Again and again.

They have proven that we will fight to defend our clients. But from their aggressive and unfair tactics. So it is good to choose him. They are strong and persistent when we must be. But when it comes to talking to their clients. Then you are right for it. So they are always friendly, compassionate and affordable. And they just need a phone call to try it out.

Attorney Daniel Kim has an awarded law firm

Super Lawyers

Daniel Kim was elected as super lawyers of the Rising Star for 2019. So an honor reserved for less than 2.5% of California attorneys.

Forum of veterans millions of dollars

Members of the million-dollar forum are recognized as the most prestigious group of trial attorneys in the United States.

National Probationary attorneys Top 40 Under 40

Daniel Kim was elected as one of the top 40 trial attorneys. But under 40 for California by national Trial Attorneys. So an invitation organization consisting of the trial of the Premier.

Multi-million Dollar Defender forum

Daniel Kim won a lifetime appointment on the forum of veterans of millions of dollars in the United States.

AIPIA-10 best lawyer in Southern California

Daniel Kim was selected as one of the  “Top 10 ” Attorneys for personal injury. But in Southern California by AIOPIA on the basis of receiving. Then the highest customer satisfaction for impeccable service.

Award Avvo customer’s Choice-2015-2018

Daniel Kim has won the Avvo Customer Selection Award 3 years in a row. But an acknowledgment is given to select a lawyer in each country. So any exercise field that stands out from the rest.

Martindale-Hubbell Platinum Champion (2018)

Daniel Kim won the award  “Martindale Hubbell Platinum buyer “, the highest reward for customer satisfaction.

Avvo “Superb ” 10/10 rating

10/10 the rating of Daniel King maintains. A 10.0 “Super ” Avvo Rating for personal injury attorneys.

Attorney and Practice Magazine – Top 10 Attorneys in CA for Personal Injury Law

Lawyers and practice Journal, personal infringement law. CA Top 10 attorneys Daniel Kim. So it was under the name of one of the 10 best prosecutors. But in U.S. law enforcement by magazines for lawyers and practice.

Lawyer of distinction

Daniel Kim is recognized as a member of a reputable legal community. So assigning the Top 10% of the American business. To the best ten lawyers for their experience. Then case results, and outstanding achievements.

National Association of Attorneys for personal injury (upside down) (Top 10 under 40 in Southern California)

National Association of Attorneys for personal injury. But it was named Daniel Kim One of the 10 best attorneys. For injury in Southern California at the age of 40.

Top 3 Best Personal Injury Attorneys-3 best Grades

Daniel Kim was known for one of the first three California attorneys. For personal injury by reputation, history, lack of complaints. So it is viewership, satisfaction, trust, opinion, and general excellence.

Better Business Bureau A+

The bureau A Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is one of the largest and most respected independent business. That organization in North America.

Lead counsel

Daniel Kim is the chief adviser for Law. Responsible for ensuring that the principal certified lawyer. That fulfills the strictest eligibility criteria. So including professional experience. And that is an expert recommendation of the same flawless disciplinary Record.

Association of the Test Chamber of Motor vehicles: Top 25

Attorney Daniel Kim was chosen by the American trial. But for motor vehicles, as one of the 25 lawyers in California. So is one of the leading professional organizations in the United States. From the States in the legal field of motor vehicles.

Truck Trial Bar Association: TOP 10

Attorney Daniel Kim was under the name of one of the top 10 truck trials. But in California by the Association of Truck Trials. That is one of the leading calls of professional organizations in the United States. Which is consisting of Top 10 lawyers from each country? And limited to the 10 best lawyers on the transport legal field.

Best attorney of America

Attorney Daniel Kim has been invited. To become a lifelong member of the Best Lawyers. Of the American Rue ratings. A directory of lawyer complexes from the top 1% of lawyers in America.

US Bar Association of Orange County (OC KABA)

Attorney Daniel Kim has previously served on the management board of Orange County. Then the American Korean attorney’s Office (OCKABA). It is consisting of lawyers providing legal services to the local community. Through pro bono clinics and educational programs.

How attorney Daniel Kim could help you

The attorney Daniel Kim represents the victims. For traffic accidents and flying to ensure. They receive the compensation they deserve.  They’ve never represented an insurance company. But they’re never going to do it. They offer personal legal service, one by one. The best lawyer ever take the time to truly know every client. Other companies see the law on personal injury as a quick salary. So it is good to choose him. Then you are right for it. They see it as a public service. Their clients always mention how impressed. So they are by speed. Courtesy, and compassion of our communication.

Trail philosophy

Anticipating a plea bargain. But other companies do not fully prepare their cases. So which weakens their position during negotiations. At the law of Daniel Kim, we prepare every case for trial. Then you are right for it. This preparation strengthens us. So it is good to choose him. To acquire the highest compensation for our customers. But puts us in a firm position if the essay becomes necessary.

Attorney Daniel Kim helps clients for medical care

When people are injured in car accidents. But traumatic effects can last a lifetime. If you are injured in an accident. Then you are right for it. So it is important to diagnose correctly. So that you can protect yourself from future sufferings. Then receive compensation that accurately reflects your needs. So it is good to choose him. Daniel Kim is almost as passionate about medicine. As he is on the law.

And he knows the symptoms of a serious injury. That often accompany a traffic accident. Maintains a network of honest and experienced. So it is good to choose him. Medical professionals who help their clients. Then you are right for it. To be diagnosed properly. So that they can help them find justice. If you have serious injuries as a result of a car accident. Even if you are not formally diagnosed. So he wants to hear from you.

Types of injuries for which attorney Daniel Kim work

Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord connects the brain to the rest of the body. A spinal injury can cause loss of control over body parts. So which makes it paralyzed. So it is good to choose him. These injuries can be life-threatening. Then they can never heal. Anyone experiencing any, neck. Then you are right for it. Or back trauma should check for spinal injuries. Although no immediate symptoms are noticeable.

Rotator Injury

The rotator Fox surrounds every wrist of the shoulder. When they are damaged. So it makes them more difficult to get on the head. And the shoulder can hurt and feel weak. So it is good to choose him. Without proper treatment. Then you are right for it. But the rotator cuff lesions can cause permanent rigidity. So making certain types of workplaces and impossible physical activity.

Breaks of bones

Many people have broken a bone or two in their life. But automobile accidents often lead. To multiple severe fractures occurring at the same time. So it is good to choose him. They need to identify the fractures and set it to heal well. Then you are right for it. If your doctor has lost even a small fracture. Then it can cause BONE to be treated incorrectly. But which sometimes requires more complex surgery to repair.

Traumatic brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) contribute. To about 30% of deaths in the United States. So it is good to choose him. Then you are right for it. These lesions are very serious and can affect all aspects of life. Including memory, movement, feeling, and emotion. Unfortunately, traumatic brain injury. Usually goes without a diagnosis. If you were in a car accident. The TBI check should be a top priority. 


Severe injury to the arms or legs sometimes requires amputation. But surgical removal of the affected area. Amputations are some of the most devastating effects of traffic accidents. Then you are right for it. In addition to exacerbating. So it is good to choose him. Their quality of life and ability to work. Then they often lead to great neurological and psychological pain.

Wrong death

Losing a family member. As a result of an accident in a motorcycle is always a tragedy. Then you are right for it. When that person helped secure his family. However, their deaths could also endanger the life of their loved ones. So it is good to choose him. When someone dies because of another person’s negligence. Including the costs of medical and burial and lost financial support.

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