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William Wolf attorney has been a partner at the law firm Bathgate since 1977. Bill handles client representation issues from a unique perspective by litigants. Business consultants, project developers, appellate lawyers, and mediators. Bill has been named the Excellence for more than 25 years. Super lawyers for many years. And the American Bar Fellows. But the Best attorney of the United States. Then he is right to choose.

Practice area

William J.Wolf mainly practices and privileged writ litigation. But in the areas of complex commercial real estate disputes, environmental and property damage insurance. Then it provides agents related to complex commercial transactions. Then he is right to choose. So real estate development and redevelopment. Bill also serves as general counsel and special adviser. Then it to many businesses and government agencies. So he is good to choose. William wolf attorney serves as a law consultant. As a mediator, Bill mediated hundreds of things.

william wolf attorney
william wolf attorney

Qualification of William Wolf Attorney:

Syracuse University College, J.D., Carmskaus Lauder, 1976, Holy Cross College, A.B., 1971, Lauder; University of Chicago, 1972.

Admit in Court:

1976, U.S. District Court, New Jersey County; 1977, New York and U.S. District Court, Southern and Eastern New York; 1984, U.S. Supreme Court, Washington, D.C.; U.S. Court of Appeal, Program sii and III; United States Court of International Trade; United States Federal Court of Appeal.

Memberships in Bar Association:

New York City Bar Association; Ocean County, Monmouth County, and New Jersey Bar Association; District of Columbia Bar. Mr. Wolfe celebrated his 25th anniversary as an outstanding Martindale-Haber as an AV lawyer. For 25 years, Mr. Wolfe’s legal colleagues have acknowledged. But he has the highest standards of ethical conduct and the quality of legal work. So he is good to choose. Then Mr. William wolf attorney‘s AV ® rating over 25 years is the highest professional qualification awarded by Martindale-Haber ®. According to Martindale-Haber® ” AV ratings ® ratings. But the best peak sympathizing process obtained. Through painstaking peer evaluation™ process. Then he is right to choose. But it is managed and supervised by Martindale-Haber ®). Then the world’s most reliable legal resource.

William wolf attorney as a mediator in the Civil

Mr. William Wolf has completed the training. So that is requested by the Administrative Office of the Court to be appointed. As a mediator in the civil. General equality and probate of the High Court. Mr. Wolfe is a member of the Supreme Court’s Resolution Committee. Since 2001, hundreds of cases have been assigned. But Mr. Wolf as a master of discovery for mediation. It is perfect and nice. Then he is right to choose. Of these cases, it is estimated. So he is good to choose. Then approximately 70 percent have been closed. Mr. William wolf attorney is willing to accept. But the employment of a private party as a mediator, or case manager.

Working area

As a master of discovery, Mr. Wolf has worked on several very complex cases. Including lawsuits involving fraud. Dissolution of the partnership. Then allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual abuse. Including cases involving more than two dozen. But who claims he was sexually abused by a clergyman. Then he is right to choose. Mr. William wolf attorney is designated. It is perfect and nice. As a general super-lawyer, a member of the American Association of Procedure Lawyers. Which limits the number of U.S. lawyers to half. So he is good to choose. Mr. Wolfe is a member of the LCA. Institute for Complex Business Research.  Mr. Wolf is a member of the Institute of Diversity Law. So a member of the Institute of Trial Law.


Mr. William wolf has been certified as an expert by the American Appellate Practice Association. Mr. Wolfe received his bachelor’s degree. But from Holy Cross College with honors. It is perfect and nice. In the Holy Cross. Mr. William wolf attorney holds a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Then he is right to choose. So he is good to choose. During his time in Syracuse, Mr. Wolfe was hired. But as a graduate assistant at Maxwell School.


Mr. William wolf has successfully represented clients. But in a wide range of lawsuits. Before federal and state lawsuit. And appellate courts, as well as the US court in international trade.  Mr. Wolf has represented clients in a number. But for administrative procedures involving state and federal agencies. Then he is right to choose. During his career, Mr. William wolf attorney has heard a number of cases. Including several months, of which the longest is four months. It is perfect and nice. Mr. Wolff debated thousands of proposals. But more than 50 appeals. So he is good to choose. Many of which resulted in the report’s observations.  Mr. Wolf has received millions of dollars in judgments. And settlements on behalf of his customers.

Government regulations and approvals

MR. William wolf has represented a number of well-known real estate developers. Then he is right to choose. And companies in federal, state and processes. It is perfect and nice. Related to land development and infrastructure. So he is good to choose. In his capacity, Mr. William wolf attorney received a license. And approval for the following questions or filed a lawsuit on:

  • Thousands of residential units;
  • Millions of square meters of commercial and office space;
  • Thousands of miles of fiber optic cable;
  • Cell tower;
  • Three cemeteries;
  • Cargo and container Terminals
  • Several power plants, the most recent estimated cost of $1.5 billion;
  • In addition to dealing with public entities on behalf of applicants,

In the area of redevelopment, William wolf attorney has provided legal services in the following cities:

  • Splitting
  • Kirov
  • Old bridge
  • Kamelot
  • South and Amboy
  • City of the City of walls

Intellectual property

As a member of the BBW Intellectual Property Group. Mr. William wolf attorney has served clients in many areas of property law, including:

  • Patent claims;
  • Commercial clothing;
  • Licensing;
  • Copyright licensing;
  • Art/Literature.

These mattresses include the following properties:

  • Dean
  • Barreau
  • Keep it free of charge
  • Marlboro
  • City of the Seas
  • Holdover


Mediated in hundreds of cases since 2001, Mr. William wolf attorney has been found to refer. But to as a master to arbitration or management. It is perfect and nice. In this case, Mr. Wolfe estimates, he has remained around 70%. Then he is right to choose. According to the accounts of civil cases. But in the Administrative Office of the Court. Then it is assumed that after almost all the balances have been completed. But the balance is not well-behaved. Ulf, who represents the lawyer in the media. So he is good to choose.

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